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Prevalence of PC (?)

The age-standardised prevalence rate was 5,9 per 100000 in 2018.1

Incidence of PC (?)

Age-standardised incidence rates in 2018 were 8,3 per 100000.1

Mortality rate of PC (?)

Pancreatic cancer age-standardised mortality rates were 8,3 per 100000 in 2018.1

Age profile of patients

Average: male 72, female 752

Public campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, its signs and symptoms in your country? (past or present)

Some groups for patients/doctors/interested public but no national campaign or initiative it seems like: Arbeitskreis der Pankreatektomierten e.V. (AdP, Working group of Pancreatectomy Patients), Selbsthilfegruppe für Bauspeicheldrüsenkrebs (Support group for pancreatic cancer)3 4