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Prevalence of PC (?)

The age-standardised prevalence rate was 4,9 per 100000 in 2018.1

Incidence of PC (?)

Age-standardised incidence rates in 2018 were 7,0 per 100000.1

Mortality rate of PC (?)

Pancreatic cancer age-standardised mortality rates were 7,0 per 100000 in 2018.1

Age profile of patients

Madian age is 71 years2

Public campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, its signs and symptoms in your country? (past or present)

But private campaigns led jointly by the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group (DPCG), and the patient organisation Living With Hope Foundation (LWHF), aiming to raise awareness and reach patients and health care practitioners. Additionally, the Netherlands participated in World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2017 and will keep doing so in the future.3 4