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Prevalence of PC (?)

The age-standardised prevalence rate was 6,3 per 100000 in 2018.1

Incidence of PC (?)

Age-standardised incidence rates in 2018 were 9,6 per 100000.1

Mortality rate of PC (?)

Pancreatic cancer age-standardised mortality rates were 7,9 per 100000 in 2018.1

Age profile of patients

Incidence 2010; age specific rate x 100 0002
male 60+; 84 
female 60+; 57
male 30-59; 13
female 30-59; 6

Public campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, its signs and symptoms in your country? (past or present)

Europacolon & No to cancer distribute educational leaflets in waiting rooms of GP´s and gastroenterologist followed by press conferences, articles in newspapers and published on webpage. Present also on educational seminars for our volunteers and distribution in centers for patients’ support. 

Europacolon Slovakia and “No to cancer” established centers for support on 3 main National oncological institutes in Slovakia in purpose to provide personal psychosocial support for newly diagnosed patients. From centers for patients support and helpline we collect information and point out 3 most common first signs of pancreatic cancer in Slovakia. Results have been presented on press conference and followed by recommendation for patients. Patients guide contain next steps and map of gastroenterologist centers in Slovakia.3, 4, 5, 6